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About Clean Corporate Comedian, Frank King

  • Frank King, Clean Corporate Comedian

What I’ve found is that most meeting planners couldn’t care less what sort of speaking awards I’ve won, what professional designations I hold, or on what television shows I’ve appeared. Pretty much every successful comedian turned speaker has all of the above.

Bottom line, there are just a couple things about me that really matter to you:

  • 1. Am I the speaker of least resistance? In other words, am I easy to work with?
  • 2. Do I have the time in service and the chops to speak at your event? In other words, am I qualified to speak at your event?
  • 3. Will the attendees benefit from, and enjoy my speech, and make you look brilliant?

I’m glad you asked! Here’s the skinny:

  • 1. Every event brings with it a unique set of challenges. When was the last time they all went according to plan? There’s practically nothing I can’t handle, because there’s almost nothing that hasn’t been thrown my way, including a chair (long story).
  • 2. I’ve done everything from comedy clubs, beer bars, pool halls, and honky tonks, with drunk idiots screaming “Tell us some jokes we can dance to!!” To convention halls seating 5000 excited and energetic, and well behaved attendees, for Miller-Coors, ING, and Sam’s Club.
  • 3. My specialty is making you look good. The takeaways, signature stories, and comedy, in other words the ah-ha’s and the ha-ha’s, are customized to the theme and goals of your event. It’s a classic win-win; I get the laughs, and you get the credit.